Red Pets vs. Blue Pets: Pet ownership across the political spectrum.

By?Edward Otto, Junior Brand Planner?

Despite?all the indicators that point out how?divided?our?nation?has become, one thing we can agree on is our love for pets. After this landmark year, we at C-K had politics on the brain…specifically pet politics.?How do pet owners from opposite sides of the political spectrum?feel about their furry friends???

The short answer? They?all agree that pets?are family. But aside from that, where do?they?split? We dug deep on the topic?in order to find the similarities and differences?between Democratic and Republican pet owners.??

After all, we at C-K are obsessed with?all things?pets.?Not only is this evidenced by the?recent?work we’ve done?for?our?pet clients?such as?Cat’s Pride, but also because many of us are?loving?pet owners ourselves.?Passionate about helping our clients, we are always?digging?deep?into their?targets?in order to?scratch at what makes?them?tick.??

For additional information on the wide range of insights uncovered in our recent research study on pet ownership, American Pet Owners – September 2020, reach out to Betsy Brown. And continue reading below to learn more about the differences between Republican and Democratic pet owners.

Dogs are purple while cats lean blue.??

When it comes to pet ownership, Democrats and Republicans can agree on one thing…and that’s?dogs.?Dog owners are just as likely to come from either?side?of the political spectrum.?Cats, on the other hand, are slightly more likely to be found in?Democratic?homes.?

Where are both sides getting their pets? ?

Democrats are more likely to utilize humane societies or rescue shelters while Republicans are?more likely to have purchased their furry friend at a pet store. Republicans are also much more likely to have gotten their?most recent?cat?from a?previous cat’s litter.??

One thing to agree on: Pets are part of the family.?

Irrespective of political affiliation,?the majority of?pet owners agree that both dogs and cats are full-fledged members of the family.?An?equal amount?pet?owners?from both sides?of the political spectrum?are willing to?admit?that their pet is?actually?the?most important?member of their family.??

The economics of spoiling pets.?

Whether?it’s a new toy, a few treats or even so far as a pet vacation, spoiling your pet is a great way to show how much you love them. While Democrats are slightly more likely to say they spoil their cats and Republicans are slightly more likely to say they spoil their dogs, how much are each group of pet owners?really spending each month??In truth, Republicans, on average, spend more per month on spoiling their?cats and dogs.??

How Does Political Affiliation Affect Pet Shopping?

While shopping for pet food and pet supplies looks fairly similar peering across party lines, Democrats are more likely to be shopping for their pets at big box pet stores (e.g., Petco, PetSmart) and discount/dollar stores while Republicans are more likely to shop for their pets at outdoor stores (e.g., Tractor Supply, Fleet Farm) and slightly more likely to shop at boutique/independent pet stores.? ?

Democrats can’t stop snappin’ pet pics.?

While?the majority of?pet owners are bound to take photos of their furry family members from time to time, Democratic?pet owners seem especially committed to getting the perfect picture of their pets.?

Sources of information split on the party line.?

As pet owners across the political spectrum research their pet’s needs, they tend to go with sources of information that they trust. Our research shows that Democrats are more likely to trust their veterinarian’s recommendation on certain issues while Republicans are more likely to turn to YouTube in search of answers.???